Linux Specialist

Dennis Steenstra · Hertenkamplaan 1B · Swifterbant, NL, 8255BA · +31853033914 ·

A proactive and dedicated professional with over 20 years experience. Specialized in designing, implementing and maintaining open-source solutions with a DevOps state of mind.


Infrastructure Consultant


Design and build deployment pipelines for a mission critical application and migrating it to private cloud infrastructure.

Guide team in areas of Scrum, Agile way-of-working. Improve on procedures using strong retro's and lead-by-example. Identify and resolve impediments and closing gaps between various diciplines within the team.

Support PO by defining a roadmap and shaping the backlog.

Platform Engineer


Working on cloud infrastructures with Terraform and building Jenkins CI/CD pipelines to enable EMEA Data & Analytics teams.

Cloud Infrastructure Consultant

TMG Digital (News-Media)

Lowering operational cost by enabling developers to move applications into docker containers. Setup CI/CD on Google Cloud and orchestrated deployments to Kubernetes. Improving on stability, redundancy and work load.

Infrastructure Consultant


Supporting the transition from traditional infrastructure management to a DevOps way of working. Inspiring the other team to adapt a DevOps mentality and assist them in improving and automating the current infrastructure.

Infrastructure Consultant


Building a high-end microservices platform on AWS using terraform. Researching different infrastructure setup strategies. Writing security principles and guidelines. Refactoring a MacOS based toolkit to Linux.

Strategy Consultant


Connecting various systems using APIs to provide insight into operational business process. Built a proof of concept API management interface in Golang. Advised on the future information strategy using APIs.

Infrastructure Consultant / Platform Engineer

TNT Digital

Design and implement a high-end microservices platform on cloud technology with uptime guarantee of 99,999% conform the following principles: Everything as Code, Immutability, Decoupled State, Fault Tolerant, Auto Scalable & Self-Healing, Automated Repeatable Bootstrapping.

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Way of Working
  • DevOps Practitioner
  • Collaborating and Sharing Knowledge
  • Building Effective Teams
  • Agile Development & Scrum

  • Cloud Infrastructure and Orchestration on AWS & Google Cloud using Docker & Kubernetes.
  • Building infrastructure-as-code using Terraform
  • Automation using Ansible or custom Python/GoLang applications
  • Open-Source (Linux) Operating Systems regardless of distribution or flavor.
  • Advanced Monitoring of Networks, Services, Components using Zabbix, Nagios or Prometheus.

A more extensive list of my skills is listed in my resume.


Apart from being an Infrastructure Consultant, I spend most of my spare time as a voluntary firefighter in my hometown.

I try to find balance between serving my business clients and doing my duties which come with this voluntary job. And I've never had any complaints.