Linux Specialist

Dennis Steenstra · Hertenkamplaan 1B · Swifterbant, NL, 8255BA · +31(0) 85 30 33 914 ·

A proactive and dedicated professional with over 18 years experience. Specialized in designing, implementing and maintaining open-source solutions with a DevOps state of mind.


adding a new brand

I'm happy to announce a new brand at Linux Specialist:

This is a new initiative on a concept that I've done before. The goal is to develop awesome cloud solutions with a team of highly skilled experts that take pride in their work and provide the best service for our cloud native customers.

Want to move your business to the cloud? We'll hook you up!

  • Cloud Infrastructure as Code
  • Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)
  • Automation
  • DevOps
Visit: or Call: +31851306430

February 2019

dotfiles 2.0

Sharing my dotfiles setup

People that I work with have expressed interest in my dotfiles setup. They have seen it in action and want to use it. My dotfiles 1.0 is a combination of my own stuf and things that I've picked up from others over the years. But it contained things that I cant share (like cloud environment settings).

So I've created a 2.0 version which I can share publicly. I switched to the git bare repo method which results in a cleaner looking homedir.

Visit and have a look.

Feel free to fork and modify it to suit your own personal needs.

February 2019

New contract

Nike EMEA Data & Analytics

I started a new contract at a very cool company: Nike. I have been wearing their products for most of my life so I was very excited to be offered the opportunity to start here.

My first week was awesome! I've met great people and the vibe is great. I fit right in.

February 2019

Website development

Launched new website for

After a couple brainstorm sessions and good collaboration in design and development we are proud to launch a new website for SAR247.

SAR247 is the expert in the field of safety and emergency services and provides a long list of services:

  • Conduct accident investigation
  • Training and education
  • Hire of emergency services
  • Hire safety expert
  • Hire emergency vehicles/vessels
  • Hire BHV / VCA instructor
  • Hire Fire and Hazmat expert
  • Sales of emergency service products
  • 24/7 emergency response service

Do you want us to design, build or host your website? Contact us via e-mail or call +31(0) 85 30 33 914.

February 2019

Acquired certification

ERC Basic Life Support

As part of my firefighter training I acquired the Basic Life Support certificate. I am qualified to provide Basic life support (BLS) and, when possible, use an automated external defibrillator (AED) as the first level of care for a person in cardiac arrest.

January 2019

Business Hours

Notes on calling

As of January 1st 2019 I've implemented new business hours in my VoIP setup. I'm available by phone from 8:30 until 18:30 on Mondays till Fridays except when on holiday or working as voluntary firefighter.

Note that calls with blocked callerID's are dropped automatically. If I'm not available leave a voicemail or send an e-mail and I will get back to you.

January 2019


IT OPS Engineer


Building deployment pipelines and enabling developers to release their software.

Platform Engineer


Working on cloud infrastructures with Terraform and building Jenkins CI/CD pipelines to enable EMEA Data & Analytics teams.

Cloud Infrastructure Consultant

TMG Digital (News-Media)

Lowering operational cost by enabling developers to move applications into docker containers. Setup CI/CD on Google Cloud and orchestrated deployments to Kubernetes. Improving on stability, redundancy and work load.

Infrastructure Consultant


Supporting the transition from traditional infrastructure management to a DevOps way of working. Inspiring the other team to adapt a DevOps mentality and assist them in improving and automating the current infrastructure.

Infrastructure Consultant


Building a high-end microservices platform on AWS using terraform. Researching different infrastructure setup strategies. Writing security principles and guidelines. Refactoring a MacOS based toolkit to Linux.

Strategy Consultant


Connecting various systems using APIs to provide insight into operational business process. Built a proof of concept API management interface in Golang. Advised on the future information strategy using APIs.

Infrastructure Consultant / Platform Engineer

TNT Digital

Design and implement a high-end microservices platform on cloud technology with uptime guarantee of 99,999% conform the following principles: Everything as Code, Immutability, Decoupled State, Fault Tolerant, Auto Scalable & Self-Healing, Automated Repeatable Bootstrapping.

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Interested in reading more? Contact me to get the latest copy of my resume.


Way of Working
  • DevOps Practitioner
  • Collaborating and Sharing Knowledge
  • Building Effective Teams
  • Agile Development & Scrum

  • Cloud Infrastructure and Orchestration on AWS & Google Cloud using Docker & Kubernetes.
  • Building infrastructure-as-code using Terraform
  • Automation using Ansible or custom Python/GoLang applications
  • Open-Source (Linux) Operating Systems regardless of distribution or flavor.
  • Advanced Monitoring of Networks, Services, Components using Zabbix, Nagios or Prometheus.

A more extensive list of my skills is listed in my resume.


Apart from being an Infrastructure Consultant, I spend most of my spare time as a voluntary firefighter in my hometown. Although still in training I believe I will never stop learning. And I find it rewarding to give something back to the community.

I try to find balance between serving my business clients and doing my duties which come with this voluntary job. And I've never had any complaints.

When not playing with fire I like being less serious and love to cruise around on a motorcycle or on a boat and just have fun with friends. Life is beautiful so why not enjoy it?