+31 85 30 33 914

Ad-hoc Support

In dire need of professional assistance? Systems crashing and things burning down while you have no clue what to do?

Call +31 85 30 33 914 available 24 x 7
* incident consultancy rate applies

Remote Support

If you are already running linux, but you just need a highly skilled team to operate them just reach out to us. Our team is happy to do an initial audit to see if we can provide stable remote support.

Network Building

A good stable network is crucial in any environment. We design and build stable networking environments. Wired and wireless. You just state your requirements and we'll build the network to match.

Security Services

The number of cyber attacks is increasing. How well is your organization secured? We provide security services like security audits, identity and access management, penetration testing, safe code review and much more.

Web design

Need a website? We build secure responsive websites based on Bootstrap. And we partner with webdesigners to create the best online presence for your business.

Linux Training

Lots of people and companies are switching to linux as their main desktop OS. For some people this can be intimidating. We provide Basic to Intermediate training sessions to assist in onboarding on this platform.